RedCamper Peach Picker

This cocktail recipe was originally posted November 28th, 2011 a full year before we actually released Colorado Whiskey Peach Deliciousness  for sale. It's such a sweet little drink though, we didn't want it to get lost in the netherworld of ancient blogs. So here it it's original form. Enjoy. 


The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means? Drinks. Lots and lots of drinks. We got to kick off the season proper by debuting a couple of our home grown cocktail recipes at a cocktail challenge over the weekend and we gotta say, we’re pretty proud.

Those that know RedCamper and me, know I have a gigantic love for peaches and peach jam. Every fall is filled with boxes of peaches and counter tops filled with jars waiting for fresh made peach deliciousness. I’ve been fine-tuning my recipe for years now and it’s near perfection. So, what is better than fresh made peach deliciousness? Fresh made Colorado peach deliciousness with locally distilled Rocky Mountain Peach Whiskey from Denver based Leopolds and a couple other ingredients, that’s what.

But we wouldn’t just talk about it without sharing..

•1 tablespoon of Whiskey Peach Deliciousness. (we’ll let you know if ours is ever ready for sale. For now use Peach Jam from your local market.)
•1 shot of Leopolds Peach Whiskey
•1/2 shot of Tuaca
•2 shakes of bitters

Put that dollop of deliciousness in the bottom of your glass and gently add the other ingredients. No shaking, you’ll bruise that peach and you wouldn’t want that. Enjoy.