Our team is small..real small. Founder, 1 full timer, 1 part timer and several occassional timers. Want to know more about us? Well..here ya go..


Maura Gramzinski - founder

I started RedCamper in 2004 as a way to balance my career with my need to be creative while also expressing my love for travel, and my gratitude for those influencers in my life that lived that wanderlust dream. After working for 13 years doing creative, account and art directing other people to make print and web projects, the fine artist in me needed something of my own and RedCamper was hatched with the creation of the worlds first 35mm travel slide handbag. Things went on from there and after laptop bags, greeting cards, calendars, journals and now a line of picnic goods we just keep evolving. All the while I ran another business to pay the bills, using my producer skills. Since 2012 I have been able to focus on just this one company. My passion. My role as the head of this company is multifold. On any given day I can be doing some social media, photographing, writing, doing some bookkeeping, filling orders, calling clients, or working along side my tiny team in the kitchen.  We have always bootstrapped, and we all know how to wear a lot of hats. They may not match our pants every day, but it keeps us growing as individuals and participants of this beautiful planet. I'm extremely grateful I've gotten to try to make something of my own work, and for those that have stood with me along the way. 

My two dogs Halle & Jack and I at the Great Sand Dunes, 2015


Mark Veljkovich - right hand man

Mark came to RedCamper originally as an intern to help with the very first product, the handbags. Here is how the conversation went.. "Hi, I'd like to intern for RedCamper." "Um...It's just me in my house, with a sewing machine, a squirrel who got stuck in here and I call him my employee, and my dog." "Sounds great." "Ok, let's get started." 

Coming from an industrial design background Mark brought to the table real design experience but where he really shines is his willingness to tackle anything from mocking up prototypes to sleeving cards, to concepting and building tradeshow boothes to now managing jam production in the kitchen and coming up with marketing ideas.  

For 7 years he's been my right hand man and without him RedCamper wouldn't be what it is now. 

Mark at the San Juan Inn, Utah 2015

Sabrina Kuratomi - chief assistant

Sabrina and I met while traveling in Poland. It was a weird experience. Ask us sometime. Sabrina has been helping us make Deliciousness & Mostarda since 2014 and could have the best knife skills of the whole team.  She also helps remind us why we started doing this to begin with, the love of travel. A very experienced traveler this savvy gal knows her way around the globe with a small bag (made at her other job at Winter Session ) and big spirit of adventure. We also rest easy knowing if we need anything hammered, or sawed, she and her pack of tools under our desk will be there to save the day.


Sabrina contemplating the rain on a peach picking expedition, Paonia, Colorado 2015 


Shelby Basch, Lucy Hinojosa, Andrea Tweten, Julia Mancarella, and all the other occassional helpers - on deck 

While they may not be in the office or kitchen with us on a regular basis we have to shout out to our team of helpers for farmers markets, special events, demos and peach season help.   

The Squirrel - first employee

The first employee of RedCamper was a squirrel that made a home amongst my collection of red suitcases. And thus..the history of our squirrel love here at RedCamper.