Yep, we make cards, and jam. 

Yes, we know it's strange. Not a whole lot of companies make greeting cards and jams. But, we do both really well. If you read Our Story you know that we didn't start out doing either of these two things, but much as the journey of life, you don't always know where you are going to end up once you get started. But everything we have done from that original handbag to the Cherry Fig Mostarda is all about the experience of travel, of exploration, or getting out there and just enjoying every bit of that sunshine on your face and wind in your hair. Tell some jokes, bring your tribe closer in spirit or in body, eat some food together, take some photos and then write it all down. Hopefully in one of our journals.  

Our line of saucy preserves & sweet condiments -  RedCamper Picnic Supply

It all started with a backyard overflowing peach tree that begged for peach jamming. For years Maura made her famous Whiskey Peach Deliciousness for friends and family. "Deliciousness" because it wasn't quite jam, and it wasn't quite syrup but it sure was delicious. 10 years later, on urging from an long time employee and friend, Mark, Maura entered her Deliciousness into the Denver County Fair and won first place! That same year on a weekend road-trip to Paonia, Colorado, a hidden oasis of orchards, vineyards and grazing horses, we accidentally found Colorado's best kept secret, the source of the most delicious peaches in the state. We came back with a borrowed truck, a dog, and a day to pick as many peaches as we could, filling that truck bed with hundreds of pounds of peaches, ripe for the picking, and cooked up 500 jars with that 10 year perfected recipe, and the best ingredients made. Within weeks we were sold out, and people were calling us in the middle of the night looking for more. Looks like we aren't the only ones that like Deliciousness..

From there we expanded the line of Deliciousness to include Absinthe Orange, Tequila Jalapeño, Campfire Apple Rum, and Bourbon Cherry, always using the finest locally crafted spirits paired with just the right fruit. Simplicity at its finest form. 

Our newest endevour came about by a collaboration with one of our first shops to carry Deliciousness, St. Kilians Cheese Shop. Working together we crafted a spicy, sweet, chunky, chocolatley compote called Cherry Fig Mostarda that is devine on charcuterie. Who knows where we will go from here! 

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Our Paper Goods line - US HWY89 by RedCamper 

Life is funny. It is. Look at anyone's basement collection of family images and you will see, All the photos used in the U.S. HWY 89 correspondence line are original family snapshots discovered while making the RedCamper Original handbags from vintage 35mm slides. True gems just too good to be hidden in a crowd. Yep that could be your mom in that sexy bathing suit pointing at the ground. Holy smokes she's hot.

From the card line we added postcards that aren't funny at all..but should inspire you to feed that Wanderlust bug inside you. The Wanderlust postcard line uses original travel images paired with inspirational travel quotes. Quiet you. This is serious.

It wouldn't be a full travel / wanderlusty kinda line if we didn't have journals for you document it all with. A blank journal and a camping journal were added to our line some time in the past. We can't remember when.  

Shop the full collection in our store. Also visit a retail location near you. No one sells it close to you but they should? Let us know