It takes great suppliers and partners to make great products. We figured we should give credit where credit is due. Here are some of our partners. 

Orchard Valley Farm

From the very first year we have used Orchard Valley Farms amazing peaches in our award winning Colorado Whiskey Peach Deliciousness. Some years we only used their peaches, some years we used a combination of surrounding farms peaches in both our favorite Paonia and the states beloved Palisade area. No matter what, every single year since we have started we have used some fresh amazing peaches from this gorgeous farm. 

Lee of Orchard Valley Farm

St. Kilians Cheese Shop  

The very first store to ever sell Deliciousness has become a trusted and valued partner of ours, even going so far as to suggest and bring to us a suggestion and intial recipe for a spread we had never had before..Mostarda. With some tweaking so we could truly call it a collaboration, the Cherry Fig Mostarda was born. Jon Marsh is not just a vendor of ours, but is also a collaborator and sometimes supplier.

Jon Marsh in his shop. 

Orange Patch  

Family owned orchard in Mesa, Arizona, Orange Patch farms the most amazing navel oranges we have ever used in our Absinthe Orange Deliciousness. The Orange Patch is family owned and sells oranges, lemons, grapefruit and pecans. We hope they never give in to the crushing subdivision developers. 

Alan Freeman - owner