Our Deliciousness fans know what to do when it comes to baking. This super simple recipe for a Deliciousness filled poptart comes from Gina Schlosser and her blog  keepitsimpleschlossers.blogspot.com


ready made pie crust
8 TB of Deliciousness - your choice - this one uses Colo. Bourbon Cherry
egg - optional
powdered sugar
lemon juice - optional
food coloring

Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees.  Unroll your pie crusts (KISS Tip: put down parchment paper first for easy counter & pan cleanup).  Using a sharp knife cut the 2 circles down to rectangles.  Give the side scraps to your kid and let them make worms or whatever (i.e. keep them occupied while you assemble).  I can usually cut the 2 larger rectangles into about 16 smaller rectangles.  This will then yield 8 small pop-tarts.  Put a spoonful of jam in the middle of half of the rectangles, then brush the edges with the egg.  The egg isn't totally necessary since you're pressing the edges later but I like to do it.  Old habits.  Place another rectangle over top and then use a fork to press the edges.  Poke a few holes in the tops, too.  Transfer them to your cookie sheet and bake for about 12-15 minutes.  The glaze is just a mixture of powdered sugar, a touch of lemon juice, and enough milk to get a slightly runny consistency.  You can add food coloring if you'd like.  Let the pop-tarts cool completely before glazing but add sprinkles right away before the glaze hardens.  Enjoy!  I mean, give them to your friends to show them how much you care.

-Gina Schlosser