Chocolate Orange Flourless Cake

You are going to want to die you are so happy after you eat this cake, but it will be a sweet, sweet death. It's just a simple warning, but heed it please. This recipe for Flourless Orange Chocolate Cake with Deliciousness is so crazy, crazy good, that you want to name your first born after RedCamper in thanks.


1/2 cup unsalted butter - don't skimp, get the good stuff
10 oz dark chocolate - did you read the last ingredient directions?..good stuff. the best you can afford.
4 eggs - be a good person and get cage free
1/2 cup sugar - 100% cane if you don't want GM sugar beet sugar. 
zest from 2 oranges 

Absinthe Orange Deliciousness 

Heat oven up to 350˚. Cream that butter. Cream it real good. 
While you are doing that, melt chocolate in a double broiler and let cool after it's fully melted. 

Back to the butter. Add in the sugar and continue to beat it until fluffy. Add in the eggs, one at a time, making sure they are well blended before adding the next. 

Mix 1/2 of the zest into the batter. Fold the melted chocolate in, gently. Gently we said. 

Spoon into lightly buttered 8" pan, or 4 - 4" springform pans. 

Bake 20-25 min for 8" pan or 15-20 min for 4" pans, or until set. (Center won't jiggle)

Let cool, remove the pan(s) and serve with a generous pour of Deliciousness. This is what takes this over the top. Garnish with remaining zest.

So. Good.