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October 22, 2012

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By Mark V
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It was the middle of September and with a blue ribbon in the bag, and a hankering to see something through, there were big decisions needing to be made, quick. With the dry summer here in Colorado, prime peach picking season came early and we had to decide how much to get. Working on a secret recipe for many years now we knew we had to go big or go home. So we ordered some jars, borrowed a truck, packed some snacks, put the dog (Halle) in the back and started our road trip to the other side of the Rocky's. 

Our destination; Paonia Colorado. A small town on the western slope filled with valleys of orchards, vineyards and grazing horses. The perfect summer day in the mountains with no agenda but to pick as many peaches as we thought we could. 

And boy did we. In fact we kept going till the truck was full. 

Meanwile, Halle took it upon herself to stay busy by swimming just about the entire time we were picking.

Near sundown we were all picked out. So we packed up and started our journey back to Denver. Since we picked these peaches at the peak of freshness we had to act fast. This meant we were off to the commisary kitchen the very next day.

Once in the kitchen it was a whole mess of choppin'. Special thanks to Ross Evertson and Deb Fox for a bunch of help.

Future brandy?

Heaping handfuls of whole delicious Madagascar vanilla bean.

Our key ingrediants (Colorado peaches, fresh lime juice, fresh Vanilla Bean and locally distilled Leopold Bro's whiskey) all mixed up the first batch is ready for the stove.

And the result of a lot of hard work, years of testing, and the best ingredients. This is our limited seasonal release of our Denver County Fair blue ribbon award winning Colorado Whiskey Peach Deliciousness. We didn't make much so do yourself a favor and get some quick. Watch out'll be yearning for more before we have more peaches probably.....

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